Stop Asian Hate / Solidarity

DJ Ephraim Adamz brings Black and Asian activism to the dance floor on this energetic track that will boom your speakers. 

Standing Next To You

Jung Kook calls on Usher to assist with this dance remix. 


Ciara and Jason Wang compliment each other in this Pop/RnB collaboration. 

Model Minority

Jason Chu, Alan Z, Dante Basco, and Neela collaborate on this hip-hop inspired liberation track

Chinese Food

Rapper MC Jin tells his family immigration story in this powerful song. 


Nicki Minaj and BTS team up for a K-Pop record.

Black Lives Matter

CallUpDayy evokes powerful lyrics on his latest social conscious rap song. 

Rhythm Nation

Janet Jackson performs anti-racism lyrics with complex dance choreography in this classic world peace anthem. 

News Today

The multiracial band Black Eyed Peas tackles the covid pandemic and the importance of Black and Asian unity. 


Superstar Jason Derulo proudly invites to represent your flag on this world cup anthem. 


Rapper 2Pace (R.I.P) calls you to action and to make change in your community on this classic 90s rap anthem. 

Learn Chinese

Chinese American rapper Jin says "the days of delivering pork fried rice and chicken wings to your doorstep" by him are over. All tea, no shade. 

I Can't Breathe

H.E.R fuses RnB with the protest against police brutality.

Street Lamps ( I Can't Breathe)

Join DJ Ephraim Adamz on his 2020 trip to Washington DC where he protested for Black Lives with Martin Luther King III and Al Sharpton.