Asian Pacific American Coalition of Connecticut

Provides services and education for and about the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities in Connecticut

The Lions Passion

Goals are to express and create opportunities for, creativity, community and healthy options in all aspects of life.

DJ Ephraim Adamz

DJ'ing and event planning for diverse communities.  Block parties, birthdays, nightlife, and more. Visit 


Kamora Le'Ella Herrington is a mother first, in all of the ways that a mother is. She is the founder and visionary of Kamora’s Cultural Corner and is an active Cultural Humility presenter and educator who began her formal career as a teacher for the City of Hartford’s Early Learning Centers. 

Her personal life mission includes, “creating spaces where families are free to love their children” which is the guiding principal of all of her work. Kamora’s Cultural Corner provides both a metaphoric and physical space to learn to use the gifts and privileges of our unique and shared identities. If you're in need of a consultant definitely check her out!


PowerUp CT is an organization dedicated to amplifying voices within marginalized communities, cultivate spaces that drive health promotion and civic engagement among constituents, and advocate for social, legislative, and meaningful change for the oppressed.